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Many agencies claim they know CMS WordPress. At Lubie, we’ve taken it one step further. We don’t just know this platform; we’ve used it extensively on websites for almost six years. We’ve created more than 100 projects using WordPress in addition to several plug-ins and templates that we’ve used time and time again.

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What is WordPress ?

In other words, it’s the heart of your website. It can be customized to do almost anything you like using a wide variety of widgets, plug-ins and themes. Once the website is up and running, the client will be able to use WordPress to manage the site very easily and efficiently.

It is easy to use?

Our web team will teach you how to use WordPress to manage your website. The training usually takes about three hours. Be assured that we will be available to help you make any changes you require. However, our goal is to offer a personalized follow-up on organic (non-paid) searches and optimization processes. You won’t require software to maintain your website.

We’re Stronger as a Group

CMS WordPress is supported by a large community of developers all over the world. Together, they keep this platform in constant evolution. Lubie allows its clients to benefit from these continuing changes in website development by using WordPress. Do you have a specific need? Chances are someone else had it before you. We can probably find an extension that will allow us to develop a function and respond to your needs fairly quickly.

Why «open source»?

-You aren’t attached to your agency or developer once you receive the software. The code can be easily transferred. –A large community is constantly developing the platform to perfect it. The weaknesses are quickly detected and an «update» is made available to the users. –No licence fees or other time-wasting details –there are thousands of «plug-ins» which largely reduce development fees related to the installation of a function. – You avoid overhauling your website every 3 years by choosing an «open source» platform like WordPress. You can make significant changes to your website without starting from scratch each time.

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