25 faits sur le marketing Internet

Toujours dans ma quête me permettant d’apprendre à toujours mieux conseiller nos clients à utiliser le Web intelligement, je suis tombé sur un article fort intéressant concernant l’état d’esprit dans lequel une personne doit se trouver pour faire du marketing sur le Web.

Voici les 10 premiers faits :

  1. Internet marketing is hard. Really hard. It’s not something that easily succumbs to a ‘miracle system’. Guys like Shoemoney have it right – they have systems, but they don’t say it’s easy.
  2. Internet marketing can’t be done by a computer.
  3. You’re still marketing to human beings. That’s why #2 is true. As long as we’re selling to humans, we’re going to need humans to handle the marketing.
  4. ‘Internet’ marketing is more of a medium than a method. Marketing is a method/technique. Internet where we now do it. Yes, the techniques have changed a little, but not as much as you might think.
  5. It’s measurable. While you can’t automate internet marketing, you can measure it. If you aren’t measuring each click, sale, interaction and citation for you and your business, you’re losing a lot of data.
  6. Data is gold. That data (see #5) is solid gold. It’s the stuff you interpret, in part, to develop a strategy. Without it, you’re doing seat-of-the-pants marketing, which isn’t bad, per se. It’s just not as targeted.
  7. Data is turd, unless you interpret it. You have to use data to make it worth something. Leave it lying around and it’s untapped potential. Sort of like cow pies.
  8. Internet marketing takes time. A lot of time. There are aspects of it that can feel like a real slog if you’re new to marketing.
  9. Internet marketing is the fastest marketing. To those of us who started out in 19coughcoughmumble, internet marketing is the fast forward of marketing. You can change something and see a result in less than six months?!!!! Holy CRAP!!!…
  10. It’s two-way. Duh. I won’t beat this one to death any more.

Lire le reste de l’article ici.

En résumé, tout le monde peut être sur le Web. Un site Web est un site Web, peu importe qui le fait. Performer sur le Web est une autre chose. Point.

Dernière chance de convaincre : Pour être prêt à être performant sur le Web, il faut être dans cet état d’esprit